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Does dfcs watch you pee

Please, please, please, someone answer. My friend did somthing stupid did a drug and now CPS said that they will drug test her she had some issues wiht it in the past. Do you know what kind of drug test CPS uses in Viriginia?

Or any other state? Thank yuo! Jesus, stop being so mean. She got drunk and someone offered her some coke. She was crying in my kitchen for the whole day already.

Undercover Video Allegedly Shows Lab Tech Accepting Bribe to Swap Urine Samples - Crime Watch Daily

Its not like she does it all the time. Be compasionate. She is a great mom, best I have ever met.

How does CPS drug test ?

She made a mistake. Does anyone know what kind of test they use in VA? You can fool the stick test but not the lab. Coke is outta your system in two days though, and you can flush it out faster pretty easy, so unless she smoked pot i wouldn't worry too much.

In my state, SC, they send you to a lab or a rehab center and you pee in a cup. They do a stick test on the spot then they send it to a lab. It's the cheapest way so that's probably what VA uses too. And a positive test doesn't mean that their gonna come and take the kids.

They'll order her to go to a drug rehab clinic and be assessed and she'll probably have to do some parenting classes and group therapy classes.Sometimes children are harmed in their homes.

This does not make every parent a suspect. In our current hyper vigilant age, there are more parents being reported to CPS than ever before.

The most significant mistakes made by parents are usually in the very first encounter. CPS will often seek to take a family by surprise. Be prepared. You might be terrified inside. You might be absolutely angry if you feel there is injustice going on, but the number one thing you can do is stay calm and be polite.

Anything you say can be twisted. Do NOT volunteer information. Do NOT let them in your house. If a police officer is with them, they all know it is illegal to enter a home unless you CONSENT, or unless they have a warrant, or can hear an emergency situation going on.

Ask permission to ask THEM questions. Would it be ok if I asked you a couple of questions? Without a warrant they must gain your consent to enter your home or speak to your children.

They are doing their job. They may alternate between: trying to be nice, being firm, threatening or trying to bargain with you. Stay immune to every tactic. Be Nice, but know your rights. Do not get caught up in their games. Tell them you are going to contact your attorney and when you get them on the phone, you will allow them to speak to your attorney. Close the door. It is always a good idea to have an advocate on your side. If you are a Christian and Homeschooling, you might like to consider joining Heritage Defense.

Both organizations require a monthly or yearly fee but are available for telephone help immediately in any emergency situation you might face. I pray you will never need to use this information.

Unfortunately, in the present time of extensive government involvement in the lives of parents, many parents have found themselves in complex situations with CPS. It is better to be forewarned and forearmed. Your number one desire is to protect your children from harm. Too often CPS has brought more harm than help. Please share your tips for keeping your family safe from unwarranted intrusion in the comments below. If you need legal help, here is a list of possible resources. There is obviously a lot of concern on the topic of CPS and protecting your family.

Tips for getting the best possible representation from your court appointed attorney. Nancy and her husband were shot and killed in in what the authorities ruled was a murder suicide. The system cannot be trusted. It obliterates families and children simply because it has the power to do so.

Children deserve better.

does dfcs watch you pee

Families deserve better. Preserving our Freedoms, Defending Our Heritage.Shannon is a social worker, counselor, and Child Protective Services professional.

does dfcs watch you pee

She offers the insider's perspective on how CPS works. I am a CPS professional and this article is based on my experience in my state and region. CPS practices vary state by state, city by city, and county by county. For relevant information, look up CPS in your region.

These are my answers to the ten most common questions I've heard while working for CPS.

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Knowing these answers can give you insight into the reasoning behind the policies and help you navigate the system. You may have heard it before, and it is the truth. CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report it receives.

However, there are instances where they do not investigate or the case is closed without investigation. This typically happens when there is no real foundation to believe that there is abuse or neglect occurring. For instance, a report is made that a year-old boy is being left home alone after school. If the child does not have any special needs and is not causing any damage to property or otherwise putting himself in danger, it would appear that the child is a normal high school freshman with no risk factors.

Drug testing and child custody: Can you ask for your spouse to be tested?

Therefore, this case might be closed at intake because no real neglect is occurring. Investigations might range from one conversation with a parent or foster parent to a full investigation. In any case, if the report makes it to an investigator's desk, they are legally obligated to respond to it.

This is not a policy; this is the law. Case response time is 24 to 72 hours, depending on the case. Some factors, such as screening and routing, can take slightly longer. In general though, a case will get a response within 72 hours. Responses range from seeing the entire family to seeing just the child or speaking with any person on the case.

There may also just be unsuccessful attempts to contact someone. Even if you're being investigated, that does not mean that a parent will necessarily be contacted within 72 hours. A parent may not be contacted for some time after a case is initiated. The person who reports the case to CPS is sometimes contacted prior to action and sometimes not contacted at all except to receive a letter giving the ruling on the case.

The letter only states the ruling and gives absolutely no details on anything else. It does not matter how ridiculous or false a claim may be.

When an investigator receives the referral, they are legally obligated to investigate. Even if the child, parents, witnesses, and ten other unrelated persons insist that something did not occur, the case must still be completed. It has to be.Asked June 14, No they don't i. Never got tested. Answered January 1, Feels like decimation of Character,judged unfairly. Answered October 12, No they do not come in the bathroom they tell you to urinate in the cup and then put it on the table outside of the bathroom.

Answered September 13, Answered August 25, If you ask a question like this maybe they need toi. Answered August 6, At the tulsa office they give you a cup and send you down the hall to the bathroom out the door and down the hall to the bathroom. Answered July 11, They give you a cup and they wait for you outside the bathroom door or call you in when you done.

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Answered May 12, Al wait when day com out. Answered April 16, No i wait. He come out. No more urine sample used. It is now a saliva swab test placed inside yoir mouth and under the toung. Answered February 5, Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries.

Upload your resume. Sign in. View all questions about U. Security Associates, Inc. When they drug test do they come in the bathroom with you?

Answered January 1, Upvote 3 Downvote. Report answer. No they do not come in the bathroom they tell you to urinate in the cup and then put it on the table outside of the bathroom Answered September 13, Upvote 4 Downvote 2.

Answered August 6, Upvote 2 Downvote Related questions more answers below : What type of drug test is used for the u. For a security position do they drug test during or after the interview 7 people answered. What do they drug test for since marijuana is legal now? They give you a cup and they wait for you outside the bathroom door or call you in when you done Answered May 12, Upvote 3 Downvote 2. Al wait when day com out Answered April 16, Upvote 1 Downvote 1.

He come out Answered April 16, Upvote 1 Downvote.In every child custody case, the most important factor that a court will consider is the well-being and physical safety of a child. A court may refuse to give custody to a parent accused of drug or alcohol abuse, or that parent may only be allowed supervised visitation. Because accusations of drug or alcohol abuse are taken so seriously, it is often not enough to simply tell the court that your former spouse or partner has abused these substances.

Instead, you may need to ask the court to order a parent to take a drug test and prove that he or she is capable of caring for a child. If you believe that your spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol, you can have your attorney file a motion asking the court to order a drug test.

After the motion is filed, there will be a hearing.

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At this hearing, the judge will listen to arguments from both parents, and will decide if drug testing is appropriate. Sometimes, a judge will order both parents to take a drug test while the child custody case is ongoing. This is especially common when either parent has a criminal arrest record for substance abuse issues, or when each parent accuses the other of drug or alcohol-related neglect or abuse.

Occasionally, accusations of drug abuse or alcohol abuse are enough for a judge to order a drug test without further proof. In other cases, one parent might have to show the court evidence of drug abuse, like social media postings, photographs, or text messages. One thing parents should never do is falsely accuse each other of having a substance abuse problem in order to restrict custody or visitation rights. Family court judges take false allegations very seriously, and making unfounded accusations often backfires.

If a person fails a court-ordered drug test, the consequences will vary depending on the test results. Some tests, like urinalysis tests, will only show drug or alcohol use in the recent past. Other tests, like a hair follicle test, can show drug use within the past several months. Obviously, a parent who tests positive for the recent use of hard drugs like heroin will be looked at differently than a parent who only tests positive for a small amount of alcohol.

Depending on what the drug test shows, the court may take several different types of actions.

does dfcs watch you pee

First, the parent who fails may be ordered to take drug or alcohol treatment classes, as well as general parenting classes. Successfully completing these courses will show the court that the parent is attempting to create a better environment for the child. In addition, the parent may be ordered to take a second drug test after 60 or 90 days.

If this test is clean, it will help prove that the parent is making changes to his or her life.

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If the test is still positive for drugs and alcohol, that parent may have difficulty gaining custody or additional visitation rights with the child. Though a positive drug test will not bar a parent from ever seeing the child again, a test that shows active drug use will weighs in favor of the other parent. At The Castro Firm, Inc. For a free consultation about your rights and obligations, call us today at Drug testing and child custody: Can you ask for your spouse to be tested?

How To Get A Drug Test Ordered If you believe that your spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol, you can have your attorney file a motion asking the court to order a drug test.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Email this Pageā€¦.

Join Date Sep Posts However, I strongly suspect that CPS has more information. First, get drug counseling; get clean and sober, jump through the hoops set out for you, and work hard to earn custody back. Family reunification is the goal, but you need to work for it. Join Date Sep Posts 1, An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise - Victor Hugo.

Supervised Urine Tests?

Quoting CPS. That's what i am already doing but my question is are they allowed to do what they did??? That, along with your posts leads me to believe that you have a meth problem. You couldn't even hold off 2 DAYS before the visit!! You need help.

Do what's right for your son and get yourself turned around. It can be done. Now it's meth? Marijuana and meth?

does dfcs watch you pee

You also told us that you chose to ignore repeated efforts by CPS to contact you before the child was removed, that when they arrived for the safety check you slept through their knocking at the door and that your five-year-old let them in, and that the police report from the safety check indicated that the child had access to your marijuana and that your girlfriend appeared to be under the influence. Sponsored Links.

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Do they typically conduct a mouth swab test or urine test? And do they conduct in your home or send you to a lab place to get it done? Then if they decide to open your case and make you take the classes you have to submit to random UAs. Also have heard of them doing a hair follicle at the end. It depends on the caseworker and their supervisor. I have read several different articles and there are sooo many ways to pass those. And mouth swabs typically only detect THC from a weeks past at most.

But those are so expensive so I feel like most of those would be done if you kept failing or if they felt they needed to go to the extreme for possibly harsher drugs? I had to do a mouth swab I smoked like 30 min before she showed up cause I didnt know she was coming.

I brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouth wash and passed. I was in the hospital for kidney infection and found out I was pregnant. I was using harsh drugs and CPS was called.

They did my SO, his mom, his bro, and sis on law with a mouth swab. His bro and sis smoked that day and passed the swab test. After I got out I had to do a hair test and came back positive. After that they opened my case and it was active for almost a year.

I had to do the hair every 3 months and so did my SO. I had to do a mouth swab for work, I brushed my teeth a ton and used a bunch of mouthwash, didn't smoke for 4 days and i still barelyyyyy passed.

But I've heard of people passing after smoking the night before so it depends I guess. I had to do one before, went a whole 24 hours without smoking and passed it.

I have a friend who says they go back 48 hours.

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So I think it just really depends on the state. It depends on city and state I am a social worker who used to work in child welfare. When I did drug screenings for birth parents I would have to watch them personally as they peed in a cup. I remember my first day I had to do that and I was super uncomfortable but my supervisor was like get use to it. The birth mom went to the restroom while I stood outside the stall.

I would suggest making a post. I am in TNand you literally had to watch them pee? I thought that would be illegal for privacy reasons. I understand being outside of the stallbut actually having to keep your eyes on them and watch them??


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